You can't judge a drinker by his beer

Well, according to this "study" maybe you can judge a person's personality based solely off of what they drink...

Allow me to save you a few minutes and sum it up:
  • Drinking Anheuser-Busch products means you are grounded but probably don't jive with authority figures, prone to "frat boy-like personalities" and generally suck at planning ahead.
  • If you drink Heineken you are a pompous show off who is easily distracted by luxury items.
  • Blue Moon drinkers are non-voting hippies and bad parents who too busy smoking the pot to realize Blue Moon is owned by Coors.
  • And finally, if you like craft beers it just means you are horrible with deadlines, don't have a great sense of responsibility and you love to watch "The Office."
Like any broad generalization, there is plenty of room for exception. I know a couple craft beer drinkers that don't care for The Office, it just so happens that neither is very responsible and deadlines aren't really their forte... so make of that what you will.

It's almost too easy to make jokes about the Bud and Bud Light findings. I mean, drinking Red White Dynamite makes you 42% more likely to drive a truck? Who knew? It also means you're more likely to use breath freshening strips to cover up the your Bud Breath...

I'm not sure I buy the assumption that Bud Light drinkers are easy to get along with. It's been my experience that if you aren't wearing a wicked sweet Ed Hardy shirt or in the same frat as a Bud Light drinker, then you probably won't get along very well.

I'd love take a dig at the Apple laptop using, Prius driving Blue Moon drinkers but I've gotta go choose what movie we're going to see at the theater tonight.

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