MDL Wine and Spirits

If you were driving down 95th street on Saturday you might have noticed the giant inflatable Guinness pint at the Antioch intersection. Saturday was the Grand Opening of MDL Wine & Spirits at 8850 West 95th in Overland Park. I was happened to be in the area and decided to stop in and see what all the fuss was about.

MDL has actually been open for the past month, you may have seen their commercials on TV. Don't feel bad if you can't remember the commercials, they're pretty forgettable... What made them stick in the back of my mind is their claim that they have Overland Park's best wine selection. That's a pretty big claim when there is a Lukas Liquor within spitting distance. I needed to see this for myself.

MDL's location isn't exactly prime, it's on the northwest side of the 95th and Antioch intersection, between a Blockbuster and a Walgreens. So if you find yourself needing a bottle of wine to take home with your drive-thru prescription drugs and rented copy of He's Just Not That Into You, MDL is perfect for you.

When I walked in to MDL I thought to myself, "the Lukas Liquor on 119th is bigger than this..." After walking around and taking a good look at their selection it looks like they have a really nice selection of wines that comes pretty close to Lukas. I was able to find most of what I was looking for but wasn't able to scare up a Silvaner or Dornfelder. St. Pauli Girl found MDL's clearance rack and picked up a Rosé de Malbec and a bottle of Incognito for $5 each.

My main complaint with MDL Wine & Spirits is that their beer section is quite small. The selection is really nice though, and they have a lot of single beers you can't get a Gomer's or Lukas. Ever wanted to try North Coast's Pranqster or Ommegang's Three Philosophers but can't bring yourself to committing to a $12 4 pack or 750ml bottle? No problem, you can buy a 12oz bottle of either of these beers at MDL for $3 or $4. Even better, you don't have to build a six pack, you can walk in and get a single bottle of Haystack Wheat or Milk Stout for $1.29 if that's all you want.

I'm not convinced that MDL has the "best selection in Overland Park" but they do have a lot to offer and some pretty good bargains. If you find yourself on 95th street and want to pick up an odd number of craft beer loosies while your film gets developed next door, stop in MDL Wine & Spirits.

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