The Westside Local

The newest place in town to get your good beer on is The Westside Local. It's in the Westside neighborhood (1663 Summit) down the street from Blue Bird Bistro and promises a great beer selection with great food. They also give beer pairings for all of the menu items. I love places where beer isn't an afterthought and is a featured player. The executive chef who spent the past 17 years at Free State must know how great beer can accentuate great food.

I can't wait for this place to open sometime later this week. The bar space is limited so they only have 6 taps, but they make up for it by having a great selection of bottled beers. The best part about this place though appears to be the beer garden where I can make a pest of myself by sitting at your table. The beer garden has long picnic tables which encourage communal seating. So beware, the stranger engaging you in conversation about Wichita, Canada or Cleveland Indians baseball may very well be your 8th favorite beer blogger, Bull E. Vard.

UPDATE: The Westside Local will be opening on Tuesday, July 14th. Celebrate Bastille Day there and enjoy some Duvel (I know it's not French but it's close enough).

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