Friday, July 31, 2009

See You Later Doppelbock

Boulevard's newest seasonal smokestack beer is going to be a Doppelbock called Seeyoulator Doppelbock. It should be shipping to distributors in about 3 weeks and be on your local KC liquor store shelves by the last week in August or early September to pair with Bob's 47.

The bottles will not be number labeled as the Saison-Brett and Bourbon Barrel Quad, but will have batch data so you can keep track which year your Seeyoulatr is. The Seeyoulator should probably be drank pretty quickly as my buddy Steven Pauwels doesn't think the beer will age as gracefully as the other Smokestack seasonals or Helen Reddy for that matter.

UPDATE: KC Hop Head has more about Seeyoulator here.


  1. I hope I'm recovered by the time this comes out, because I'm going to be killing bottles of this.

  2. I, er, heard about it on Boulevard's facebook first (by 4 hours or so).

  3. Yeah, I know that now, but it didn't show up on a Google search when I wrote this post. At the time, I thought the KC Beer Blog was breaking the story.

  4. You might want to edit your title and some of your text, as it's Seeyoulator with an 'O' not an 'E'.

    It's common practice for breweries to name their Dopplebock's with a TOR at the end, such as Paulaner's Salvator or Spaten's Optimator.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this in the next few weeks!


  5. Tim posted a good "ator" story on my post about the Dopplebock that people should see.