The Local's Open

I had a chance to run over to the Westside Local for a beer this afternoon. I couldn't let opening day go by without me stopping in. I knew going in that they weren't quite ready so I'm not giving a full review right now. The taps weren't up and working and the bar area was not air conditioned. I was warned about both of those things by the hostess so I'm giving them a pass.

I did enjoy Amber the bartender (I'm only about 75% her name was Amber). She poured my Duvel in a a very nice tulip glass and we had a good discussion about good beer bars in the area and beers from Montana. You'll have to find out from Amber the reason for the Montana conversation.

Overall, it was a pretty nice looking space and they're still frantically working to perfect it. Go in, say hi, have a beer. This is going to be a really nice place when they get the kinks worked out. Go and give it a try especially once they get the taps working and you can get a Boulevard Tank 7.

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