Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Worst Happy Hour

Let's play a little game. I was going to bash this place for having the worst happy hour in town but, for reasons that are clear once the place is named, would be tremendously unfair. So I'm stealing from Charles Ferruza's "Where is it" game on Fat City and letting you, the reader, tell me what place has the following as their happy hour special.
Happy Hour 5-7, buy a bottle of wine get 1/2 off an appetizer.

So folks, where is it?


  1. That scenario could technically play itself out at the Bluestem, although their actual policy is 1/2 off ALL food with or without the purchase of wine.

    Went there last night, by the way. Fabulous happy hour; I can't believe the place isn't more crowded. The wagyu burger'll damn near make you cry.

  2. I agree JJ - it's a pretty insane happy hour. You might also try Thomas on 39th - $3 Boulevards (Wheat, Pale, Single Wide), $5 martinis, several reasonably priced apps, a rooftop patio AND HH goes until 7:00!

  3. Savvy. I still think it is fair to call that one inadequate as a special.

  4. Ding ding ding! Matthew with the correct answer and correct interpretation. I don't feel comfortable slamming a new place until I actually go there. But, unless these are $15 appetizers and $20 bottles of wine, I don't think this qualifies as much of a special.

  5. They have a ton of wines by the glass. I have no idea why the hell they wouldn't discount those instead of the whole bottles.

    Also, I'm not a fan of two-hour happy hours. You should make it three say 4-7 so people have an incentive to get off work a little early.

  6. Owen, that's what I thought. I don't want to drink a bottle of wine before I make my way home. I certainly don't want to share a bottle with someone because I wouldn't be able to get what I want, I'd have to compromise with whoever I'm sharing with.

    Happy hour is kind of a solitary thing and you don't want to put in a time commitment. A bottle of wine is a time commitment.

    Wine flights or select glasses of wine should be discounted for happy hour.

    The 5-7 was irksome as well.

  7. 5-7 is still preferable to the ubiquitous 4-6.

  8. Agreed. 4-6 is for sucks, and having to buy a whole bottle is for sucks. Interesting comment about happy hour being a solitary experience...I never thought of it that way, but you're right. Even if you're meeting friends, everybody typically has a different arrival and departure time, which makes ordering a bottle completely impractical.