Friday, May 15, 2009

Two Jokers

Boulevard's Two Jokers has not been released everywhere yet. It actually hasn't been released most places. But it is available at the Gomer's on north Holmes this weekend. No other store I've called is carrying the Two Jokers right now. So if you want to be the first in town to get a drink of the joker, head to Holmes, it may be worth your while.

Hat tip to Brother Bean.


  1. I can confirm that this is in stock. Seems they had quite a few left tonight around 9:45 when I picked up two of them.

  2. I went around noon this afternoon and the guy pointed me to the cooler, which had about five bottles. I took two. He said they didn't have much left.

  3. Bought a bottle Saturday about noon at the gomers at 435 and holmes. There were 3 left in the cooler. I was surprised to only pay $8.99. for this beer. I also noticed there was not numbering on the Two Jokers as with the Brett, BBQ, and Imperial Stout. I have kept a couple bottles of each of the other limited edition smokestacks for aging, and was wondering if a double wit would be a beer to age.

  4. D - when I took the beer appreciation class at Boulevard, they said most of the smokestack beers would be best enjoyed prior to a year. They dropped the limited numbering for Two Jokers because the plan is to bring it back every year.

    I wonder if BBQ will have a new label since it is also going into the seasonal rotation?