Wine to Your Door in Kansas

Well Kansans, you no longer have to memorize a friend's address in Missouri when you go to Sonoma on vacation. You can now receive wine in the mail just like a civilized human being. Governor Sebelius signed this into law today presumably before she packed up her stuff and chased off to DC by the teetotalers who are so happy not drinking that they feel it necessary to make sure you don't drink too. Heck, now you can even buy wine off the Internet and have it shipped to you.

Also included in the bill are provisions to allow Kansas wineries to sell wine at Farmer's Markets as long as the markets are licensed to sell alcohol which I'm virtually certain none are. Restaurants can also store your open bottle of wine.

Hopefully, this is the first step of many to get Kansas to join the 21st century of liquor regulation. Maybe the next step is to put the words "and beer" next to the word "wine" in this legislation.

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