Saturday, April 18, 2009

The All New Hop Identification System

Let's do this one Billy Mays style.

Do you ever want to identify what hops are in your beer?
Of course you do and now you can.
Introducing the Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA.
The Double IPA doesn't have one type of hops..
not two..
not three..
But SEVEN types of hops!
That's right SEVEN!
Not only seven types of hops but..
Six pounds of hops per barrel.

What does this mean for you?
It means super hop flavor in every drink.
With that amount of hops you can taste every nuance
This will allow you, that's right YOU to be able to identify hops at will.
That's right, you too can readily identify hop varieties when you're drinking with your friends.

How's that?
Well let me tell you.
All you need to do is drink a beer with one of the seven types of hops..
Then drink a Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA and try to identify the hop flavor the previous beer gave you.
You'll be an expert in no time.

Not only that but the Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA gives you even more.
More than SEVEN types of hops AND SIX pounds of hops per barrel?
Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA also gives you 9.60% ABV.
That's right, not only will you get great hop flavor..
You'll also get hyped up enough to think you can write a Billy Mays infomercial.

How can you get your bottle of Sam Adams Longshot Double IPA?
It's simple..
Go to your liquor store and find the box labeled Sam Adams Longshot.
Not only will you get one bottle of the Double IPA, you'll get another one for the same price.
And, if you act right then, you'll also get not one, but two, bottles of Cranberry Wit.
We'll also throw in 2 bottles of Traditional Bock.

How much is this kind of bounty?
2 bottles of Double IPA, with 7 kinds of hops and 6 pounds of hops per barrel..
2 bottles of Cranberry Wit AND 2 bottles of Traditional Bock.
$25? $15? $2.99 after rebate for taking Cranberry Wit off their hands?
No, $8.49! That's right 2 bottles of Double IPA, 2 bottles of Cranberry Wit AND 2 bottles of Traditional Bock for the low, low price of $8.49.
Go to Gomer's in Lenexa to take advantage of this limited time offer.


  1. Give me a single hop ale over this monstrosity any day!

    I've tried 2 out of the 3 in the box and honestly ... not so impressed.

  2. Very excited to try this tonight! Although right now it's just sitting in my car heating up :(

  3. Very happy with the double IPA. A little more fully bodied and a little less hoppy than Pliny, but since Pliny is an exercise in imbalance, I guess it makes it a more balanced take.

    The northern brewer addition is interesting.

    I actually thought the cranberry wheat was not bad.

  4. John, I wasn't that much of a fan of the Cranberry Wit. But I WAS taking a bit of a cheap shot at it for the sake of humor. I would prefer something a little more palatable for me in the six pack, but I could see someone being a fan of it.

  5. Man, the DIPA is REALLY good! I didn't think its quite as bold as Hopslam or Maharaja, but I think that actually works in its favor - each sip seemed to get better instead of more overwhelming. This would definitely be in fridge rotation if offered regularly. The Cranberry Wit was a little too tart / sweet / spicy for my tastes, but still a well done brew.