Thursday, March 5, 2009

Boulevard Aluminum

Boulevard is going to start packaging some Boulevard Wheat in aluminum bottles.
Boulevard announced today that its wheat beer will be available soon in the new 16-ounce containers. That will give Boulevard entre to golf courses, concert venues, swimming pools and other glass-averse places.

Besides such access, "the environmental advantages of aluminum were an important consideration," said John McDonald, Boulevard's founder and president. The asthetics also weren't lost on McDonald, an art school graduate.

I guess this means you won't get to buy a sixer of aluminum at the liquor store. But that would be nice because I really don't like tailgating with glass bottles. It seems after 10 beers, your pal Bull E. Vard, has some trouble holding onto his bottles while playing washers. I don't like being a pest by breaking glass in the parking lot. But it will be nice to drink a couple of bottles of Wheat out on the golf course and not having to settle for Mark Teahen.

Update: I was wrong, they are going to sell the aluminum bottles in the liquor store. Yea for tailgating, boo for my reading comprehension. Click here to see a 360 view of the bottle.


  1. Boulevard had some holier than thou comment on their website about how they would never use cans because they are traditional.

    Nice to see them piss on tradition without even getting a superior package out of it.

  2. I was just about to say "At least it's one step close to cans..." These aluminum bottles suck, in my opinion. Ugly as hell. If you're going to do aluminum, I'd prefer a can rather than a bottle shaped can. Reminds me of that Bud in the aluminum or whatever that crap was.

    I'm disappointed in Boulevard's stance on cans. If New Belgium can stick their beer in cans why can't Boulevard? There are lots of good canned beers. Shame...

  3. Bud is still in the aluminum. It's even more unnatural feeling than drinking it in the first place. I can't really hate on Boulevard for expanding their market, but I can't see myself buying these.

    Rather than hate on aluminum cans, why doesn't Boulevard just come out and say they don't want to have to buy a canning line? I would think that's the real reason they stay away from it. Frankly, if I am buying Fat Tire at the store, I almost prefer it coming from the can rather than a bottle. Maybe that's just because most canned beers I drink end up having tomato juice mixed in.

  4. I grew up on canned beer. Very seldom today tho do I choose canned over bottled unless I am buying bulk for an event. Just like Mountain Dew, beer tastes better in glass to me.

    However the aluminum makes sense. I don't golf, but I like the opportunity to have it at the pool, and I totally agree about tailgating (next to impossible no to have at least ONE bottle broken at an event).

    Having tried Bud in the aluminum bottles tho, I gotta say it made me nostalgic for cans. It always tasted off to me and I dunno why.

    And since I am here, were have you guys been seeing New Belgium cans? Coming up on BBQ season and coolers full of cans are easier to manage than bottles.

  5. Gomer's in midtown has Fat Tire cans, not sure where else.

  6. Canned is the way to go.

    Is there an actual reason to use glass bottles other than the initial cost of the equipment?

    I assume they're sticking with bottles in the aluminum switch either because they can be used with the existing bottling line, or because beer snobs like their containers shaped like penises.

  7. Thanks LC. I'm close to Gomer's south, I'll have to check it out.

  8. It's definitely the phallic thing, at least for me.

    Nuke, I've seen the Fat Tire cans in many places, but I can't quite remember where because I'm not much of a fan of Fat Tire.

  9. Lukas never has the Fat Tire cans, but Gomer's does. Same price as bottles. I'm not a huge fan of Fat Tire, either, but if I'm going to drink it I'll have it in a can. I don' know why I like that idea so much, but I just do.

    As for Boulevard's "stance" on cans, I looked at every page of the website after I posted my comment above and found NOTHING referring to cans, so I either missed it or we're being unfair to Boulevard for saying something they didn't say.

  10. I like Fat Tire a lot. It was my "gateway" beer. Before that I had really only really bought AB products (Bud, Bush, Michelob and their offspring). Well Guinness from time to time...

    But one night I went to see a buddy play bass in a Blues show and they had Fat Tire on tap at an introductory price of half what Bud cost.

    Cans mean that it goes into the summer take along category and I can try to gateway other people into branching out.

    I'll give Blvds new bottle a fair shot, but it won't get a second if it is as weird as Buds was.

  11. The Boulevard comment about never canning due to tradition was on their FAQ page. It has been removed (obviously leaving it up in light of the aluminum bottles would be embarassing). In their defense, they did admit that cost was a consideration. Here is an archived version of the page from last September.