Boulevard Aluminum

Boulevard is going to start packaging some Boulevard Wheat in aluminum bottles.
Boulevard announced today that its wheat beer will be available soon in the new 16-ounce containers. That will give Boulevard entre to golf courses, concert venues, swimming pools and other glass-averse places.

Besides such access, "the environmental advantages of aluminum were an important consideration," said John McDonald, Boulevard's founder and president. The asthetics also weren't lost on McDonald, an art school graduate.

I guess this means you won't get to buy a sixer of aluminum at the liquor store. But that would be nice because I really don't like tailgating with glass bottles. It seems after 10 beers, your pal Bull E. Vard, has some trouble holding onto his bottles while playing washers. I don't like being a pest by breaking glass in the parking lot. But it will be nice to drink a couple of bottles of Wheat out on the golf course and not having to settle for Mark Teahen.

Update: I was wrong, they are going to sell the aluminum bottles in the liquor store. Yea for tailgating, boo for my reading comprehension. Click here to see a 360 view of the bottle.

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