Membership has its Privileges

Since we had a sitter the night we went to see Neil Diamond we thought we would get out of the house early and get dinner before the show. Stella loves to eat at Gordon Biersch and I like it as well. An additional factor in our decision was the fact that I had a $20 gift certificate to Biersch from when I enrolled in their Passports Rewards program in March when they opened. As part of that enrollment we also had a coupon for their Twelve Days of Christmas promotion. The coupon for that night was for a free appetizer with the order of an entree.

So we got down there about 6:00 and Neil didn't start until 8:00 so we had plenty of time to eat. Apparently everyone else who was going to the concert also decided to eat at Biersch and we were told the wait would be an hour. Well we had time and we kind of had our hearts set on it anyway so we went back to the bar to wait/try to capture an open bar table and drink a beer. As we were leaning against a wall, Stella noticed a Passport Rewards brochure and mentioned something about it. I remembered that being a member meant I got priority seating so I went up to the hostess and told her that I was Passport Rewards member. We were seated within 5 minutes.

We had the potstickers appetizer which, for $9, was a little lacking in actual food, but very tasty. Then for the entree we split a garlic chicken pizza which wasn't that great unless you got a bite with chicken, garlic and cheese in it. I had the Winterbock beer which was very good, Stella had her favorite, the Marzen. We were ready to pay our tab by 7:00 leaving us plenty of time to get in the VIP entrance and make our way up the elevator to our suite. The best part of the whole experience though, was the fact that our total tab after discounts and gift certificates abounted to $1. We were out of pocket $7 for the whole meal with tip.

For the $10 I spent on the Passport Rewards(I think it is $15 now), we were treated like VIP's with the priority seating, treated to a pretty good meal and drinks for very little money. I also get a free entree coupon for my birthday and invitations to their seasonal keg tappings. Not a bad deal overall. I don't go there enough to actually rack up any real amounts of points on the card, but I don't really have to to take advantage of membership. It was $10 well spent.

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