Schlafly Unfounded Rumor

I heard a rumor yesterday that caused blood to flow to a certain part of my body, Schlafly was going to buy the Parkville Power Plant building and turn it into a Schlafly brewpub. I think I've mentioned on this blog several times that I really enjoy the downtown St. Louis Schlafly brewpub and we go there every time we are in the Lou. I thought it made perfect sense for Schlafly to open a brewpub in KC and the Parkville location would be perfect for them.

So I spent a couple of hours yesterday tracking the rumor down. An Internet search yielded 0 results, although I did learn a lot about Phyllis Schlafly's views on power plants. I emailed Owen at Fat City and and judging by his response of "Holy S*** Batman", I gathered this was the first he had heard of it. I emailed a couple of other contacts in KC and St. Louis and they hadn't heard anything. I went to bed last night with Schlafly dreams running through my head. Then this morning I got an email from Mike at Stl Hops that pretty definitively shoots the rumor down. He emailed his contacts at Schlafly and they said there is no truth to the rumor, they're focusing more on improving their beer and expanding the range of their selection.

My dreams were dashed. It was still an interesting rumor, maybe we could get a Free State or Blind Tiger brewery in that location, I doubt it but a blogger can dream can't he? At the very least, a Rock Bottom brewery would be a welcome addition, I've long thought that they should convert one of the 5 Old Chicagos in town to a Rock Bottom Brewpub. For now, though, the beer drinkers of Parkville will just have to get their fresh brewed beer elsewhere.

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