Friday, October 3, 2008

Boulevard Saison-Brett

The Boulevard Saison-Brett will be hitting your favorite liquor store's shelves around Wednesday of next week. Boulevard expects full saturation in liquor stores in the KC metro by next Monday 10/14.

The Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quadrupel (BBQ) sadly is being delayed until early next year. They had a slight problem with the BBQ, they didn't make enough to meet demand.

Please leave comments as to when you see the Saison-Brett in your liquor store.


  1. I tasted their Saison with dry hops yesterday - wonderful. Their pilsner is pretty fine, too.

  2. I hope the Brett is pretty sour. I am into sour beers right now. If it's at the $7 price point and sour, I'm going to stock up!

  3. This smokestack series truly should put Boulevard up there with other craft beer brewers that attract cult followings. If Boulevard would learn to make half as much and charge double they would create more hype, but I am not going to complain living here in KC and getting the awesome beers at a pretty good price. On another note, don't know if you guys do any detective work, but you should find out what is going on with flying monkey these days. I heard some crazy things about them going out of business. Keep up the entertaining and informative blog!

  4. just bought 5 bottles of the saison-brett yesterday. that was Oct 19.

    i'm bummed to hear the BBQ is delayed until 09. i've heard both that fact and that it's still being released in Nov. Anyone have any definitive proof?

  5. I got my info from the marketing director at Boulevard.

  6. :( so sad...
    i spoke with a guy at Jack's Liquor in shawnee yesterday and he said Nov. But, arguably, when Saison Brett hit the stands, they were selling it for $7.69 until they got word that was the wrong price.

    i'm excited to try the brett with some friends this weekend, but i am chomping at the bit for the BBQ. it sounds like the nectar of the gods...