Thursday, September 11, 2008

Roll out the Barrels

My favorite brewpub, 75th Street Brewery, has taken it up a notch. They are rolling out 4 beers aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels which makes me want to start a new tongue twister. Say this 3 times fast:
Bourbon barrel brews bought in a brewery bust out a blustery brew. Bulleit bourbon barrels better brews by backpacking bourbon flavor onto beer's back bettering an imbibing background.
Sure it's nonsense, but so is every other tongue twister. Get off my back.

Anyway, 75th Street has Possum Trot Brown, Last Rites Imperial Stout, How's Your Mama Wheat Wine and Five-Point Palm-Exploding-Hop-Technique Imperial IPA aged in Bulleit Bourbon barrels. Get out there and try one or four and master the new tongue twister or make your Polish heritage proud and sing "Roll Out the Barrels".


  1. I had the Possum Trot Browns on an airplane once. Sweet Jesus was that a horrible experience.

  2. 1. "Five-Point Palm-Exploding-Hop-Technique Imperial IPA" has got to be the coolest name ever for a beer!

    2. Is this one of those things that is only on certain days/times?

    3. Eww Nate, just EWWWWwwww.

  3. the FPPEHTI IPA is simply amazing. and I had 1/2 of all the sampler's (after a beer and a light lunch) and felt drunk. whoa. to date, I believe there are 3 left, the IPA, wheat, and the . . . .. .well, one of the other two.