Tuesday, July 15, 2008


When I think of all the stupid liquor laws the state of Kansas has, I like to think to myself "at least I don't live in Virginia". That appears to be changing as they are going to make Hopsicles and sangria legal. Let freedom ring!


  1. Surely neither state is any worse than Texas. I swear, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (or, as a friend dubbed them, the "Texas Association of Baptist Churches") just makes up shit at random.

  2. I lived in Virginia for three years and I can tell you that while there may seem like there are some archaic rules in place, I was constantly happy that I didn't live in Kansas.

    Virginia has a great beer scene with a ton of beer festivals and brew pubs. You can even go to a place and make your on speciality brew on site.

    Maybe I just have bad memories of Kansas... not being able to buy beer on Sunday... only able to buy 3.2% beer at a gas station, etc.

    Speaking of stupid laws, I could also wager on Horse racing from my living room in Virginia (TVG network), but Missouri seems concerned that I might gamble too much so I'm not allowed to do it here. (Although I can go to one of 75 or so Casinos in the State?)

  3. No Sangria? Really? Wow. That sucks for them.