I Love Wet Willie's

Yes, I love Willie's. Even the kind that go in your ear (the FINGER, get your mind out of the gutter). Strange thing--I was in my condo this afternoon, just after the storms passed through the area (or so I thought). The power in my building goes out and I'm all of a sudden without Internet, or cable. What's a person to do?! I can't imagine that people actually used to have to find ways to entertain themselves "back in the day." So, I use my cell phone to make my way out into the pitch-black hallway and then down the pitch-black stairwell to the basement/garage level, where I was able to exit out into the city. It wasn't raining by this time, so I didn't have to wear my bright yellow rubber boots and poncho.

I ended up heading to the Power and Light to get some exercise and walk around some; it was cool and breezy after the storm had passed. However, nothing really appealed to my senses there, so I headed south a couple blocks to my "other favorite place," Willie's. My bartender amigo, Nate, greeted me with a warm smile, as always, and filled me in on the past month's news; I hadn't been in awhile and needed to catch up. He said that the business seemed to be down, thanks to the smoking ban. He noted that customers who normally stayed the course, have started to tab-out on their way to the sidewalk to smoke. He also said that his other bartender pals had noted the same. Less business to go along with the less smoke. Bittersweet??

Nate asked what I wanted to drink, and I told him to surprise me. He did. Three times. The first surprise was something new and almost scary. It was a Bud Light Lime. Really?! I hadn't heard of this new product before today. Was it for real? Tasted a bit like Tequiza or even Zima. Not sure about that one. It wasn't bad, but a bit "girly." Surely though, the ladies and the gays will love it. The second surprise was a Snakebite. Can't go wrong with one of those around mid-day! The third (and final) surprise was a Black and Blue (Bass and Blue Moon), which is a fantastic combination. I'm positive that if you drink your weight in these, you may end up stumbling instead of walking and then end up black and blue. Hence the name? Hmmm. Deep thoughts.

I asked about the bar's future prospects of putting up a roof deck. Nate said that it was still "in the works," and that they will probably add a sidewalk café before they add anything upstairs. I think it should be done soon, as to help Willie's stand out and be even more competitive from all of the P&L hooplah.

Good times. Great beer. Fun conversation. Not in the Power and Light! Save yourself some MONEY and go visit Willie's! Tell Nate at the bar that Wes Port on the KC Beer Blog sent you! You just MAY get a hi-five.....

Oh, and check out their MySpace page.

1501 Grand Ave, Kansas City, MO Kansas City, MO

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11am - 1:30am, Sunday - 11am - Midnite

Daily Specials start @ 8:00pm

Monday- Boulevard Drafts, Fat Tire, Sunshine, Skinny Dip & Blue Moon

Tuesday - Domestic Bottles & Drafts

Wednesday- ABC-Absolut,Bacardi & Captain

Thursday- Skky is the limit! Martinis

Friday- Red Bull Drinks Smirnoff drinks

Saturday- Red Bull drinks, Bartender Shots

Sunday- Red Bull drinks, Happy Hour all day on Sundays!

*Call for their daily Drink Special prices, 816-527-0122.

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