Mi Cocina has CLOSED?!

Ward Parkway and I were walking through the Plaza yesterday evening, when we saw that Mi Cocina was closed up tighter than a duck's ass! It was especially unnerving as it was "Cinco de mayo." There should have been a hoard of people eating tacos that evening, but NO. There wasn't a soul -- nor un hombre, una mujer, un mesero, una mesera. NADIE. Nobody!

Unable to find anything of substance on the internet, I called the Plaza customer service office to see what I could learn. They said that at of the end of April, Mi Cocina had closed its doors permanently at the end of its lease. Too bad. I really think they had the best margaritas in the area... Wonder what will take its place??? I'm pulling for a Buffalo Wild Wings, personally. Either that or something "local." Anything local would be alright with me. But if that doesn't work out, a BWW would certainly suit me fine.

Please bow your head now, as we take a moment of silence in remembrance of Mi Cocina--the best darned Mexican joint this side of Guadalajara.

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