Please Tell Me What to Wear

This is from Kevin Collison in the Star (and our previous post)
The dress code will include prohibitions on “bandanas, work boots, and ripped and excessively baggy clothing.” Stephens said the code would be posted prominently. He said Cordish was working with City Councilwoman Melba Curls on an ordinance that would establish citywide standards for implementing dress codes. Curls could not be reached for comment.

I don't really have a problem with a private business instituting a dress code. They are under no obligation to serve someone they don't want to as long as it is not discriminatory. But a city ordinance is not need to implement dress codes. The city has no reason to get involved. Apparently Melba Curls is either being paid off by Cordish or is monumentally stupid. I suppose it could be a combination of both.

All of this dress code hub-bub in the P&L is fairly unnecessary anyway because most nights the Power and Light is throwing a white out. It is very rare to see a minority walking around in the P&L and not any bars/restaurants really catering to the minorities. Let people wear what they want, it's certainly not going to affect the racial makeup of P&L customers. AND we definitely don't want a city wide dress code, it's ridiculous.

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