Drinking at Gordon-Biersch

I begged out of work early today and Wes was off work this week so we decided to do a meetup at Gordon-Biersch. After watching some clips of the Gingerbread man from Shrek with the bartender we decided to do a joint blog post. So here it goes, we're going to alternate paragraphs in what, I'm sure, will be a thoroughly unreadable post. Next up, Wes.

I was elated to find free parking at 16th and Baltimore (my new "secret" spot for event parking downtown--which is now not so secret). I walked north across I-70 (on the bridge above, not on the actual highway) and met Bull inside GB's at the bar. Yes, that was exciting, but what was even MORE exciting was the lady next to me, on the right. She had ordered a lighter-colored beer, a Czech-lager perhaps(?), with three olives on a toothpick at the bottom. I leaned over, and with my most svelte and sexy voice, asked her, "hey biatch, whad up wid dose olives in yo beer?" She replied that she usually ordered a martini, but couldn't drink that much alcohol tonight, so she ordered a beer with olives instead. I did the same. Hmmmm, pleasantly pleasantly pleased!!!

So Wes is drinking a beer with olives in it. I can't be more grossed out right now. One time in Wichita he ordered a pickletini which made me throw up in my mouth. I'm sure it's not the worst thing that's ever been in his mouth but I'm not one to judge. Anyway, I've enjoyed a couple of hefeweizens and am now enjoying a schwarzbier. I'm also going to fill out a Passport Rewards card which costs $10 and you get a $20 gift card in return. I can totally use that since I walk by here every night. Wes is drunk right now so I can't guarantee the next paragraph is going to be readable.

sheli'c blehavardengun dzervarwich. Blahr di verdi vardi geezarzeegh. (think Muppets sweedish chef)

No, really, I'm coherent. Bull just needs another lager... This is kinda exciting, but Bull's colleague, Black & Tan stopped by to sit at the bar with us! She was so kind as to actually pick her own Beer Blog name! I usually have to toil over how to name people, but she gleefully picked her alias. Another thing that excites me (and it doesn't take a lot) is that Ward Parkway just called and he MIGHT meet us for another beer. Life is good!

Wow, I'm on my 4th lager. I don't ever drink lager. I guess it's not going to be a strange occurrence from here on out. The hefs are good and will be tough to turn down on a 90 degree day. Schwarzbier is pretty good too. I should mention that Wes took a 3 hour nap today while I worked hard. Okay, I read the internet most of the day, but I thought about work most of the time while reading. Wow, it's almost 5, I'm going to have to go home soon.

Let me introduce myself, I'm Black and Tan and I just want to wrap up this posting by saying... my brain is totally fried, and you Bull E. Vard, are much funnier than I.

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