Friday, February 29, 2008


So some beer blogger in Maine is doing a series of interviews with other beer bloggers around the world and chose the ol' KC Beer Blog as one of his subjects. I'm pretty sure he just sent out a mass email to all the beer bloggers he could find. But Wes and I were starved for attention enough to answer so the Maine guy wrote up the article. My absolute favorite part though was his shocking revelation that Wes and I live in different states.
Bull and Wes live in two different states but together they cover the beer happenings in and around Kansas City (I believe it’s the one in Missouri but I bet if there is good beer in the one in Kansas they cover that too)!
I guess it must be weird for a dude in Maine to think that Wes and I live in different states but only live 10 minutes apart. It should also be noted that I was barely alive when I answered his questions or I would have looked up the movie I referenced ("Dark Harbor" starring Alan Rickman). Check out the whole thing here (it's really not that interesting and I won't be hurt if you don't click the link). But, it should be noted that Russell is a much better beer blogger than we are, the only problem is we don't have access to the beers he's drinking.


  1. Hey Wes and Bull
    I admit, I do find it interesting that you guys live in different states and drink in the same city. It doesn't happen too much in other parts of the country. I did also send out questions to a number of other bloggers, I like to hear what other people are up to in different places when it comes to beer.
    All the best.
    Russ (the dude in Maine)

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