Brewery Tour(s)

It’s always a great day to go on a Boulevard Brewery Tour with friends! The tours always fill up quickly, but their interactive website reservation tool makes finding an open tour a breeze…. And the BEST PART of the tour is, of course, the free beer at the end! This past Saturday, we enjoyed eight different brews on tap, as well as a maibock, and “The Sixth Glass” of the Smokehouse Series fame.

Speaking of tours--I wonder if they will ever have tours of THIS place?! I ran across this really cool website yesterday as I was digging for information on the “lost” 8th Street Tunnel beneath downtown KC, MO (tunnel picture gallery). From what I had read, cable cars inside the tunnel at one time carried millions of people between downtown and the West Bottoms from the late 1800’s up until around 1950. It’s recently been re-discovered, and I can surmise that THIS would be the perfect place to somehow build a subterranean beer hall! If you know anyone that can do this, let them know they NEED TO GET ON IT! I'm sure with "just a little luv," this ol' train tunnel could be fixed up into a pretty smokin' sweet bar!

Thanks to "Pumpkin Stalker" for providing more cool pictures of the tunnel!

This all reminds me of the underground bar, deep inside the cellar at Weston’s O’Malley’s Brewery. If you haven't been, you really do need to go. How often do you get to drink in a cave-like setting?? Yet another KC-area pub everyone must visit at least once a week.

Also on this same website, the “Urban Explorers” took a sneak peek inside the old Westfall Brewery in St. Louis. Pretty eerie pictures…

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