Back in the Game

I'm proud to say that I have just finished my first beer in nearly a week. I'm a day ahead of the schedule I had set for myself because the most awesome movie not starring Chuck Norris (who I'm boycotting because of his Mike Huckabee fascination) was on TV this evening, "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man".

As I wrote last week, Stella was sick on Wednesday. Well that little virus has run through the Bull E. Vard mansion like wildfire and completely immobilizing me on Monday and Tuesday of this week. I reached a real low point the other night when I went out to the soda shelf to grab a Sprite and bringing it back to the couch. I drank about half of it over the course of the next 15 minutes while I watched some "American Idol". For some reason or other I had to move off the couch and I grabbed my soda and realized it was a Diet Coke. I didn't even notice the taste was different even after I knew it was Diet Coke (which I don't like at all). I have been pretty out of it for the past 5 days and beer was not in the cards (nor was writing about beer).

Until tonight, I hadn't planned on having a beer until at least tomorrow night, but the greatest beer drinking movie not named "Road House" was on tonight. I know most people haven't seen "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man" but it is truly an excellent movie. Gene Siskel even made it one of his top 5 guilty pleasure movies in 1991. I first saw it on my very first day of college. I went to morning classes, went to lunch with my pledge brother, bought a leather jacket and went to see the movie. What made that even more odd was that I paid to see a movie. I can't count on one hand the movies I paid full price to see when I was in high school and my first couple of years in college. I worked in a movie theater and I could see nearly anything I wanted for free. I was that excited about "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man". Not only did I pay for it once, I think I paid full price 2 or 3 times and took a date to see once also (I was a happening dude when I was 18). Over the years I've probably seen it 20 or 25 times and I had just thought of it earlier in the week wondering whether it was one of those movies that would just disappear altogether.

Anyway, the movie came through for me again. It still holds up as a funny, exciting, even touching movie. And I really enjoyed a nice draft beer from the kegerator (that's right I have a kegerator AND a soda shelf, it's a charmed life I lead) while I watched it.

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