Yard Beers at The Brick

I'm going to let you in on my little secret. I LOVE The Brick. For those that don't know how I roll, I determine around 3:30 in the afternoon if I am going to be able to leave work early enough to grab a beer before I go home. So I try to find someone at work who wants to go get a drink or I call Wes or some other people I know downtown. Some people like to have a little more notice than 30 minutes so I'm oftentimes left to go for a beer by myself. I'll be honest, sometimes I don't try that hard to find someone to drink with, I want to be alone and I go to The Brick.

Tuesday night this was the case, I kind of wanted to hit Crosstown Station but it was closed again at 4:30. I can't believe my luck with that place. Wes' review is fantastic, but all I ever see is the lock on the front door. I was stuck with no real plans again and I didn't want to end up at the Stables. As I walked to the car, I could see The Brick's sign sticking out a couple of blocks away. So I pulled a Uey on McGee and headed south to The Brick.

I parked right in front of the bar with no meter to feed and walked in. I had my choice of seats in the place, well except for the barstool where the bartender was prepping napkins and silverware for the evening. While there was no one in the bar you can tell they're going to have someone in the bar later by what the bartenders/servers are doing. Since she was actually preparing for people instead of doing shelf cleaning (like the lady at Studio was doing last week), I know that they're going to have a crowd. She quickly got up and got behind the bar and asked me what I was drinking. I asked what the happy hour special was and she told me the special was $1 yard beers (Hamms, Schlitz, Old Style and PBR). I decided to try my first Hamm's. DON'T EVER DO THIS! Hamm's absolutely SUCKS. It was the first beer I wanted to shotgun since I was a freshman in college, not because I wanted to get drunk, mind you, but because I wanted it gone as quickly as possible. Another dude walked in and sat down at the bar and started work on a crossword puzzle. I was sitting there enjoying an episode of Closed Captioned Law & Order (It was the season premiere from the first year Dennis Farina joined the cast) and despising my beer.

Then from the radio in the kitchen we heard the news. Heath Ledger was found dead. You may have heard about this. I was not quite move to the point of tossing a chalupa against the wall, but I was moved enough to get up and go towards the kitchen to hear the radio. The bartender ran to turn the stereo system to NPR which was what was on in the kitchen (that's right the kitchen staff at The Brick listens to NPR and hates Mike Huckabee which is a whole 'nother story). It was quite shocking to hear of someone younger than me dying. I'm going to take responsibility for this tragedy because I ordered a Hamm's. But now that I know I have this power, I'm going to try to find the beer that offs the untalented and then we won't be subjected to Josh Hartnett or Julia Stiles movies (too harsh?).

So anyway, I had a PBR to wash down the Hamm's while everyone discussed our theories of what happened. I'm pretty sure the NYPD will be interested in our conversation so they can crack the case. I highly recommend The Brick especially on Tuesday nights with the $1 yard beers and free Wii bowling, but I prefer if you get there after I go home because I enjoy the solitude. I've been there multiple times alone and have always enjoyed myself. I've never been in there and felt awkward or scared or anything like that, I just feel welcome, like I would in my neighborhood bar.
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