Crosstown Station

Welcome to Downtown's Crosstown Station!

Located directly south of the Sprint Center and next to the KC Star building (pictured right)...

In fact, it's SO CLOSE to the Star, this place should be called the "Star Bar."

I had the privilege of bar-hopping a bit with Chambord and Weston tonight (too bad Ward Parkway couldn't make it to join us, but he had to work, and Bull E. Vard had "kid duty" I presume). We started off at The Brick for a bite to eat and then hit Crosstown, Balanca's for darts and then Sarah's On Grand for coffee before heading off to bed. The bartender sure whips up a mean cup of decaf!

Lemme tell you about Crosstown Station. It totally took me by surprise. I had imagined a dumpy little mom-and-pop pub, but was surprised by all of the sophistication, ART, huge stage for live music and friendly staff. They had some good specials, both food and beverage, and LIGHTING made of cymbals and drums! When you go, and I know you will, please ask Andy in the kitchen about the artwork he made with his wife. I mean come on! LIGHTS made out of drums and cymbals!? I NEED those for my condo. Their paintings were top-notch as well.

The three of us weren't there long, but we were there long enough to know that we'd be back in a day or two. The bar was only a couple of weeks old, it was clean, it had a huge (gorgeous) stage for live bands, and it had TVs showing the KU game. What more could you want?!

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