The Caddy Shack

I know you haven't heard from Ol' Wes Port for awhile now. Well, it's been "the holidays" and I've not been in the mood for writing or for goin' out much. I've just been too darned busy to barhop and write! But tonight there's a change in the air. My friend, Chambord, called and wanted to drink (instead of work out) so I obliged.

The Caddy Shack. Yeah, it's a dive, and I was a bit disappointed that Chevy Chase or Bill Murray wasn’t there to greet us, but but it's been a long time since I've felt so welcomed in a bar. The bartender, Rusty, asked our names right away. It was a pleasant way to start off the evening! Then, he made sure we had plenty to drink, even offering us the nightly special (even though it wasn't "time for it yet"). What's more? He's the cook. I'd like to refer to Rusty as the Cheftender.

There were two other things I enjoyed while at The Caddy Shack. One was the blaring sign on the front door and also on the wall that read, "GENTLEMEN: No hats," but the bar, er, Cheftender rather, had on a ballcap as well did three other bar patrons. A fun little twist. The other was the presence of office furniture around the tables. Yeah, it was weird drinking with mis-matched office chairs surrounding the bar tables, but at the same time, it felt a little like drinking at work--which made it seem OK in a strange sort of way.

The Caddy Shack is located at 700 E. 3rd Street near the River Market in Columbus Square.

Free pool and popcorn from 3:00-7:00; Bud and Bud Light on tap; Daily Specials such as $6 pitchers and $1 tacos on Mondays!

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