In an effort to please our dear readers we have decided to do a blogspansion or beerspansion, whichever term you prefer. This blog started in June of last year with just Wes pumping out posts for about a week about bars he had never been to and in one case he wrote about a bar that had been closed for 3 years. I encouraged him to meet me over at the Martini Loft and he invited me to post on the blog as well. Ever since then we've evolved from just posting happy hour specials to writing reviews of bars to writing beer reviews. We've tried to keep on the beer topic (although I was a little exuberant about the Cubs run to a playoff sweep over the summer) and have a slew of regular readers. We've come a long way.

Now we're going to welcome 2 new authors to the blog, Chambord and Weston. I don't know right now if that's the names they are going to post under, I just tagged them with those names in a couple of posts about a long evening out (as a side note, I take pride in naming all the bloggers on KC Beer Blog, however it sucks to call someone and say "this is Bull E. Vard" instead of my real name). Chambord is the loveliest of the lovely and will add a touch of class to the place bringing a woman's point of view to the blog. Weston will bring the funk and the noise to the place.

So whenever they get their first posts out give them a shout out and welcome them. We hope that this beerspansion will add some more frequency to the posting on the blog and expand the realm of bars and beers we cover on here.

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