Nutcracker Ale

It's finally my favorite time of year, no not Christmastime or Hanukkah, those are just reasons for me to have to do more than normal. No, it's winter beer season, more specifically Boulevard Nutcracker Ale season. Until I had Boulevard's Sixth Glass, Nutcracker Ale has been my favorite of the Boulevard offerings. In honor of my favorite season I offer you, our dear readers, my ode to Nutcracker.

With a name like Nutcracker
I didn't think I'd be a backer
Yet, I love thee so
I get pretty low
When you're no longer around

Our time together is so short
I never get bored
With your wonderful taste
that is caramel based
I drink with too much haste.

Ooh, Nutcracker I do love you
And you love me too
You treat me right
We never fight
Even when there's too many of you in a night.

In my experience, Nutcracker is the hardest of the Boulevard seasonals to keep my hands on. It goes away as quickly as it comes. The worst part is I feel guilty drinking them sometimes because it's also one of Stella's favorites. She gets mad if she only gets one beer out of a sixer. But Boulevard Nutcracker Ale is that good that I just can't stop.

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