McFadden's Sports Saloon OPENS Nov. 9th!

The P&L debuts its first new tenant this week when McFadden's opens its doors at 4 PM on Friday, November 9th. Located directly west of the Sprint Center, this new beer hall will surely be a huge hit with sports fans and concert goers. If you discover that McFadden's is too difficult to get into on busy arena nights, never fear! Downtown has a plethora of alternatives to help wet your whistle!

Afraid of parking or getting around? Don't be! (<-- Check out the best parking map EVER!) After 6:00 you can generally find FREE parking on the streets, or you can park in a garage for $5-10. You may have to walk a bit, but in all reality, you probably need the exercise, am I wrong?

Downtown's not quite finished yet; there are still some growing pains. Next March, however, this joint's gonna be rockin!' So get off your lazy ass and come explore the NEW downtown Kansas City!!!

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