Main Street Taps

While we're all waiting for taxpayer subsidized drinking at the Kansas City Live project, there are plenty of bars along Main Street that are worth your time. I recently visited the Bulldog and Nara at the 17th and Main area in the Crossroads. The best thing about the two places was each had an unconventional tap handle.
The Bulldog had Peroni on tap, to my knowledge the only bar in KC with Peroni on tap. Too bad I'm not a Peroni fan, I believe Italy ought to focus on things it's good at, wine making, food and mammoni. But, you have to admire a bar with an unconventional tap. While I was there though some dude sat all alone at the bar drinking a Budweiser bottle, it's no wonder while he's alone! The Bulldog features several admirable taps, Newcastle, Fat Tire, a couple of Boulevard brothers, Stella, Guinness, Bass and the aforementioned Peroni.

Bulldog Happy Hour

M-F 3-7 and 11-Close
Saturday 5-9
$2.50 Well Drinks
$1 off Draft Beers
$1 off Wines by the glass
$4 Martinis Every Wednesday 5-Close
$4 Drink specials Every Sunday 5-Close

I must say I probably made a mistake just ordering a Stella, the waitress didn't do a good job informing me of the martini menu. I would have gone with either a classic daiquiri (Hemingway fave) or the Caipirinha (Brazilian fave). Perhaps next time.

We quickly ventured over to Nara, a good block to the north. Nara was a pretty nice place but it was casual Friday and everyone there was either suited up or very nearly so. I was wearing jeans, a lounge shirt and Converse Jack Purcells. I really don't like being the least dressed person in the bar. Nara also didn't have a schmuck sipping a Bud bottle, so you take the good with the bad. The best thing about Nara was Kirin on tap. I've never seen that in any bar in KC either. If I had time I would have had the spicy tuna roll to go with my Kirin because it just seems wrong to not have sushi with a Kirin. Nonetheless, Kirin is a quality beer that stands just fine by itself. I highly recommend hitting up Nara for a nice Kirin draft. I've been told the sushi is not up to Kona standards but Kona doesn't have Kirin on tap, but it does have chickas, something Nara did not have.

Nara Happy Hour
M-Th 3-7
Fri 3-6
Reverse Happy Hour
M-S 10 - Close
Martinis $4
Beer $3
Kirin Draft
Bud Light Draft (choice of the douche)
Domestic bottles
Sapporo bottles
Kikkoman plum wine
Sake $5
Various food specials

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