Rock & Run Brewery Preview Event this Saturday

Soon to open Rock & Run brewery in Liberty is having a brewery preview event this Saturday from 10a-3p. They're opening their doors to all you fine people to see how their brewery construction is progressing (from the sidewalk only though, no walking through active construction sites!). Unfortunately, due to the endless legal labyrinth that is American alcohol law, they won't be serving any beer yet. Aside from seeing the space (and feeling like a super cool beer lover since you were there before it even opened), they're selling lifetime Brew Club memberships for $25. It sounds like a pretty awesome deal, even if you think you'll only visit every once in a while. For $25, you basically get 20% off their standard house brewed beers for the rest of your life. (That is, you get a 20 oz. pour instead of a 16 oz. pour for the same price on their non-specialty beers.) You could probably make your money back on this deal in just a couple of nights of imbibing. At least, I probably could if the misses was driving...

From their Facebook page:
10-3 this Saturday Nov. 9

Sneak-a-peek inside as we get close to finalizing construction. All our overhead glass doors will be open giving you a good view from the safety of the sidewalk. You’ll also have the chance to pick up your favorite Rock & Run swag!

· All sales get a free R&R logo pint glass
· Lifetime Brew Club memberships - $25
· Gift certificates - $25
· T-shirts - $15
About the Brew Club:
Rock & Run Brewery - BREW-CLUB Membership: Join our family! For an initial one time $25 set up fee you get a lifetime membership to our exclusive BREW-CLUB. Standard beer served at the pub for Brew - Club Members will be 20 oz. pours for the same price as 16 oz. pours. Premium beers, usually higher ABV beers like Saminator at 14% ABV, and are served in 5 to 7 oz. pours do not qualify.
All BREW-CLUB Members will also receive special email invites to members’ only events. Each new type of beer and seasonal beers will be released with its own BREW-CLUB Member tap party. These events will be held in our private event rooms upstairs at the brewery. These private release parties will be held one day prior to public release. We are anticipating special small batch beers may be sold out at theses release parties. This may be your only opportunity to experience these limited release beers.

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