Seattle's Bats Beer

I'm always interested to learn of people who share a love of good beer. This interest probably comes from my parents who contact me everytime they hear of a celebrity that has twins (I have twins) or when someone from Wichita does something noteworthy (it usually involves a murder). I guess the Vards really like to find out people who are similar. That's what piqued my interest when I read about Chris Ray's (Seattle Mariners Relief Pitcher) love of homebrewing.

Ray plans on opening up his own brewery in Virginia, probably when his career is over. But, the folks at Fremont Brewery in Seattle asked Ray to brew up a batch of beer for charity using some underutilized wood from the Mariner's clubhouse; their bats (amiright, folks). That's right, he brewed a beer with maple bats for some extra flavor. The bats, after use (again, more use than they've gotten from Mariners batters) are being auctioned off for charity, Operation Homefront.

The beer, called Homefront IPA, is available for sale at Safeco and will be available in the Seattle area in 22 oz. bottles with proceeds going to Operation Homefront. So if Chris Ray and the Mariners make their way to The K again this year (with Vard favorite Ichiro), maybe we should give Chris Ray a little applause for being one of us. Follow the link to Brookston where there's even more about Chris Ray's beering ways.

As a side note, another person famous for other things besides beer is starting a brewery in Venice Beach. You would know him as Jack from Dawson's Creek, but his real name is Kerr Smith. I was overly excited about this because of my well documented love of Dawson's Creek.

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