Nice Glass

By all means, if you spend over $10 for a beer (let's call these destination beers), use an appropriate glass for the style. You deserve to enjoy the beer in the glassware that serves that beer the best. And when you go to a beer bar, or any bar for that matter that serves great beers, it's good to expect that your beer is served in the proper glassware. But, when you're at home and you're drinking  your favorite session beer, does your beer glass matter?

An article "Does Your Beer Glass Matter?" appears in the Scientific American blog, Anthropology in Practice (h/t to Brookston Beer Bulletin). The article doesn't really answer that question, but it does explain some of the historical shifts in beer glass and earthenware from animal skins to the Sam Adams Perfect Pint Glass and is quite an interesting read.

As for me, 90% of my beer drinking happens with a Lagunitas Mason Jar, as well as my soda and water drinking as well. The Mason Jar is my go-to cup. But, the Sam Adams Perfect Pint glass, in my opinion, really does make a beer taste a little better. I was unsure of how I felt about my first bottle of Lagunitas Censored when I drank it from the Mason Jar, but when I drank it out of the Perfect Pint glass the next night, it became one of my favorite beers. Now that I have found flavors that I found with the Perfect Pint glass, I can now enjoy it in my Mason Jar and get the full experience. So, yes, I think the glass matters, but, to me, it's preferable to use my favorite glass in most cases.

As a bonus on this post, the first 2 people to post a picture of their favorite glass with the words "KC Beer Blog" visible in the picture to the KC Beer Blog Facebook page will get a Sam Adams Perfect Pint glass.

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