Friday, August 26, 2011

Lagunitas Live

Tonight is Lagunitas night in the Power & Light beer garden. You can get $2 draws of Lagunitas beers and meet with Sean from Lagunitas to talk about everyone's favorite beer, Lagunitas. I met Sean last night at the Blanc and Lagunitas beer dinner (more on that later). Some suggested topics of conversation with Sean; the difference between peach and salmon, Minnesota things and fantasy football. Or you could just talk about Lagunitas, he's full of stories about how Little Sumpin' Sumpin' was named, the story of Undercover Investigation Shutdown Ale or the story of Kronik or other stories, he knows 'em. He's also a fan of hand drawn Lagunitas dogs.

The events start at 4, come for the Lagunitas, stay for Survivor (the band, they still exist...they have instruments and everything). You'll be excused if you want to cut out after some Lagunitas to catch the Chiefs game. If you get there early enough you may be able to score a tasting glass and tasting notepad and some free samples.


  1. I toured Lagunitus in the days after undercover shutdown was named but before the new tasting room. T was built. The tours were still Thursday at 4:20 in the employee lounge/old tasting room.

    I got the feeling that if only people they know show up, nothing had changed. Since I was wearing my junior DEA badge, everything was by the book on that afternoon.

  2. Any idea who the featured brewer is for September? I'm going to be at P&L on the 16th for the Foo Fighters show, so I might as well take advantage of this deal while I'm there.

  3. I went in December (twice, on consecutive days because they're fun people) and they still tap their special firkin at 4:20 on Thursdays.

    It's hilarious how overtly pothead-ed they are.

  4. Rocknroll, they're doing Octoberfest beers for September not just one brewery.