Monday, August 8, 2011

Beer Nation

I was watching "Fast Food Nation" the other day and noticed Bruce Willis and Ethan Hawke drinking a Fat Tire in the movie (in Hawke's case this is especially appropriate since he was in the band Hey That's My Bike). Since those scenes took place in Colorado it makes a modicum amount of sense they were drinking a Colorado beer. But, noticing the beer (as I tend to do) got me thinking what other movies feature craft beer.

In "Fast Food Nation" both Willis and Hawke are drinking their beers from the bottle so neither was a true beer drinker. I don't recall any movie at any time featuring a beer geek or a beer geek type conversation. I'm not asking for a "Sideways" for beer drinkers but a scene or character in a movie would be a nice wrinkle.

As I've thought about it more and more it just seems odd that this sort of character or scene about beer geekery doesn't exist in film. I know that whenever you see a major brand label like Bud Light or Budweiser, those are paid product placements. Those product placements also make me think less of those characters in the movie I'm watching.

Am I missing a movie somewhere (aside from documentaries like "Beer Wars") where someone who might buy a bomber of beer and pour it in a glass is portrayed, whether positively or negatively? I'm just kind of shocked that this doesn't exist. The only character I've found in any forum is Andy from "Weeds" who enjoys a Stone beer which makes sense since he is interested in good food and had made a living as some sort of chef. Why aren't there more characters like Andy in movies?


  1. Rescue Me seems to be sponsored by Sam Adams. Throughout the series you see Sam Adams signs, tap handles, and people drinking from the Sam Adams shaped pint glasses.

    Reno 911 had an affinity for Dogfish Head. Once again, signs and tap handles.

  2. On the Drew Carey Show, they showed Great Lakes products and had a plot arc where Drew homebrewed and then the gang started a brewery.

  3. Drew Carey's beer would be illegal today.

  4. Unless I am missing something, not in every state it wouldn't.

    Zoning on the garage would trip you up in most states though.

    No idea about Ohio. I don't think there is self distribution there or was 10 years ago so based on where the show was set I don't think it was ever portraying a realistic situation.

  5. The FDA made it illegal to artificially add caffeine into beer which (without knowing their actual recipe) is what I thought they were doing with Buzz Beer.

  6. Okay, I see where you are coming from.

    I can't recall if they discussed how the caffeine got there.

  7. but if you find a mouse in your beer, you still get a free case of Elsinore, right? eh?

  8. Isn't one of the guys drinking a Sierra Nevada in the fantasy football draft scene on Knocked Up?

  9. Best beer dialog in a movie goes to Frank Booth in Blue Velvet:

    Booth:What kind of beer do you drink?
    Booth:Heineken?! Fuck that shit!!... Pabst Blue Ribbon!
    Booth:Raymond, where's the fuckin' beer, man?
    Raymond:It's right here, Frank. Do you want me to pour it?
    Booth:No, I want you to fuck it!... Shit, yes, pour the fuckin' beer!
    Booth:That beer's gonna get warm. One thing I can't fuckin' stand is warm beer! It makes me fuckin' puke!

  10. Disney does a good job of beer placement with the pub scene in Tangled. there was also some good tankard action in Beauty and the Beast. These pivotal scenes were the only watchable parts.