Thursday, July 15, 2010

After the Catch

I'm a frequent "Deadliest Catch" watcher. We don't DVR it or anything, we just watch it every once in a while on an afternoon when we're not doing anything. I've never followed a storyline on the show, just caught what was on. The past couple of weeks we've watched the show in primetime following the story of Capt. Phil dying.

Last night I watched my first ever "After the Catch" show where all the skippers and Mike Rowe sit around a table drinking and telling stories. The show was obviously dedicated to Phil as they had his sons, a couple of his oldest friends and the cameraman that followed him for 3 years as guests at the table. I tried to pay attention as best I could, but I was distracted by the Coors Light pitcher in the middle of the table. It looked as though only one beer had been poured out of it. I looked around the table and not a one of the captains, Rowe or the guests was drinking a draft beer. Mike Rowe had something that looked like a cranberry and vodka in a pint glass. Most of the captains were drinking whiskey drinks from lowball glasses, even the kid who just got out of rehab looked like he was drinking a cranberry-vodka drink, I'll be generous and call it a Shirley Temple. Wild Bill Wichrowski made a show of having a Coors Light bottle in his hand while he was talking, but he had a whiskey drink he was actually drinking tucked back behind the bottle. The whole show was distracting because no one was drinking any Coors Light, yet it was displayed prominently in every shot.

My question is, does this bother anyone else? If the Coors Light wasn't so prominently placed in front of the camera I wouldn't have thought twice about it. But once I saw that it was obviously a Coors Light product placement, it became super distracting trying to find one person drinking Coors Light. Does it end up hurting Coors Light because no one was drinking it? I think they should switch sponsors to Jim Beam or Jack Daniels (which was mentioned in the show as being what Capt. Phil drank) so I can watch it without being distracted.


  1. I said nearly the same thing to my wife. I hope that Captain Phil was a huge Coors Light fan (doubtful) otherwise it's pretty damn shameful to capitalize on his death as such, regardless of contracts.

    Best I could tell, maybe one guy had a Coors light out of the bottle. Maybe most viewers are less inclined to notice that the Coors Light was just a promotional piece, but if not, I'd think it would hurt coors.

    I'm moving to KC in a few weeks, hope to catch up w/you sometime.

  2. I noticed the exact same thing. Ya - that TOTALLY drove me nuts! Found it totally weird. They show a couple times where someone puts a hand on a bottle of Coors, but they never show them taking a drink. There's also a big tub of Coors Light Bottles on the bar in ice, but again, no one's really drinking them at the table. Perhaps none of the guys have signed any promotional contract with Coors to show them drinking? Who knows. But strange. The pitcher is really distracting and obvious.