Friday, July 15, 2011

Trader Joe's Opening

If you live in KC you know Trader Joe's is opening today. The location in Kansas will not be selling their trademark wines or beer, but the one in Missouri is. I happened to see the pallett of beer going to Trader Joe's from Central States at Gents the other night. I thought that Trader Joe's only sold their own house brands of beer so I was a little surprised to see Boulevard and Sam Adams ready for Joe's. I'm sure Stella is going to drag me over there this weekend to pick up some wine, but I'm most interested in what they'll be selling beer wise.


  1. Here's a good rundown of the beers that Trader Joe's offers:

    Ill be interested to see if we get all of those, or just a handful.

    Was able to try the Trader Jose Light when my parents brought some back from Chicago recently. Not bad, but I wouldn't seek it out to buy.

  2. Those are just the housebrand beers, they typically carry a fairly non-remarkable selection of other beers, heavy on imports. It is a cheap place to get Chimay if nothing else. Some of the house beers are pretty good, esp the Firestone Walker brewed ones (Mission Street).

    Unibroue bottles their anniversary beer each year as "Trader Joe's Vintage Ale" and it goes for about half of the normal price.

    I've always found Whole Foods to have a better budget wine selection the TJs but since we have crappy no-alcohol Whole Foods here, this will do.

    I actually have a fantasy involving Whole Foods opening a store in the abandoned anchor space on the other end of the Ward Parkway Shopping Center.

  3. I had no idea Trader Joe's was opening in KC, so I appreciate the info and will be shopping there Saturday morning - looking forward to it.

  4. Don't go for at least a week. I live a block from there and people are parking down my street to walk in and shop. It's absolutely nuts. I walked over to see what the lines were like and there is a constant flow of 20 to 30 people at each register waiting to check out.

    Wait for the storm to blow over, then go get some Three Buck Chuck.

  5. Went there today with the wife and child...holy shit. Think Katie Horner with a bullhorn blaring that 455 inches of snowy death were imminently headed to KC for a two week stay, followed by our current heat wave and you'll have an idea of the manic shopping that took place there. Shelves were empty, their beer section violated and in tatters...

    And for my two full bags of groce, 4 bottles of red I was under $62. Not bad. No way the same things at Price Chop or the House would be under $100 with 4 bottles of vino. Was looking forward to trying their private label brew but I'll wait. Give it another few weeks.

  6. Wow, that sounds insane! I know someone who works there - can't wait to hear what he says about it. I might have to get him to let me know when things get restocked.