Snoop Dogg Gents

Central States Beverage, the Boulevard, Sam Adams, Lagunitas and many other beers distributor, got in touch with us wanting to host a Gents. We hemmed and hawed for over 3 months and finally decided it would be okay to let them host a party for us with them providing all the beer. And provide beer they did, more than any Gents we've had before.

We had Collaboration #2, Saison-Brett and Two Jokers, enough so that it was basically all we could drink of just those 3 beers. But that wasn't it, a bunch of Belgian beers like Troubador Magma, Poperings Hommel Ale, Scotch de Silly, Bieken Honey Ale, Piraat and Petrus Oud Bruimn giving us a shot to try some of those new to market beers. They even popped open a bottle of Utopias for us. That's when the party really got started.

We had been at Central States for about an hour and a half, walked the warehouse, had some dinner and got started on drinking, mostly focusing on Collaboration #2 and Saison-Brett. Danner and I tried something on tap that I wouldn't really recommend, the folks at Central States call it a Happy Happy, which was half Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy and half Tank 7. Just stick with Tank 7 or Summer Shandy, never shall the two be mixed, it turns into a lemony mess. After all of that, Snoop Dogg showed up.

Snoop was very gracious and allowed everyone to have their picture taken with him. He seemed almost used to it, sticking to a single pose with his beloved can of Blast. He put up with Chimpotle's grossness, Yuengling's sexuality and Danner's class with equal magnanimity. But he didn't share any of that Blast with us.

Overall, we had a great time, came out of it with some good glassware (I came home with 4 Smokestack tulips and a Pilsner Urquell pilsner glass and a Gents KC banner) and got to try a bunch of beer. We didn't have any out of market or rare beers, but that's okay, we all got to try at least something new. Central States really rolled out the welcome mat for us and we had a great time.

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