Still in the Wilderness

A couple of months ago I wrote about a couple of friends of mine who make great beer. They're starting their own little brewery brewing beers they want to drink and share. But to get there they need our help. So far, as of this morning, they have 93 backers and are nearly 40% of the way to their goal of raising $40k. I was hoping, and I know they were hoping, to be a little farther along than this, but it's still a pretty good start.

They need your help to get the rest of the way to 40k. Less than a month to go and it's go time. If you have some extra money or money you'd like to see go to people who are going to make the KC beer scene better, donate to the Wilderness Kickstarter campaign now. Short of that, go on Facebook, Twitter, the phone, stone and tablet, whatever you use to let your friends know about Nate and Mike and their great beer.

If they don't hit the goal, you don't have to pay, but you'll also probably never get to drink their beer which would be a shame. I really believe Nate's beer (based on what I've had) will be the best beer in KC the moment it's poured in KC, let's make sure it's poured in a licensed beer establishment and not only in Nate's garage or at Gents.

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