Wilderness Kickstarter

Nate, from the video above, is a friend of mine. Nate is one of the Gents. Nate brewed one of the best beers I had last year, Dandelion Saison, which is shown in the video above. Nate, along with his friend Mike, is starting a brewery, Wilderness Brewing.

This is a passion project, not a moneymaking project. Maybe it will turn into that, but what's important is they have a passion for beer and make damn good beer because of it. Mike and Nate need your help though, they need to raise $40,000. A Kickstarter campaign has been set up for you to donate to the brewery with various benefits for larger donations. That may be a benefit to you, it may not. What will be a benefit for you is the opportunity to drink Mike and Nate's beer. Any donation is accepted and appreciated.

I believe Wilderness Brewing will quickly become the region's destination small brewer. You're going to love their beer. If you can't donate, share this post, share the link to the Kickstarter page, "Like" the Kickstarter page and share that on Facebook, whatever, but something. You'll be proud when they open their doors that you did your part to help these 2 guys share their beer with Kansas City.

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