Bob's 47 Day

Well we've had a small reprieve from the 100 degree days, they'll be back. But you can take this opportunity to think about fall and you can do it with a fall beer in your hand. That's right, Boulevard Bob's 47 is hitting store shelves this morning. It's out a full 2 weeks earlier than last year, if we keep this up it's going to be a spring seasonal (Sam Adams Oktoberfest is also out this week so this madness isn't just Boulevard). But, I always welcome Bob's 47 for 3 reasons. It signals the end of Zon being around, I genuinely like it and actually buy it in stores and it signals that we're one beer away from Nutcracker.

Bob's should be in every store in town by the end of the week. But, if you're looking for it today it's sure to be in the usual suspect stores. You shouldn't have much trouble finding it. It will also be hitting tap towers across town this week as well so let us know in comments or on On Tap KC where you're finding it on tap. I hope to be cracking open a Bob's tonight to go with my dinner.

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