Beer for the Weekend - Schlafly Summer Lager

I didn't take this picture, Paul A. Ner did
It's hot and it's June. Summer's here (to be clear, it's not actually here and any statement that it is is clearly false, Summer starts June 21) so you should be drinking a summer beer. Schlafly Summer Lager is that beer for this weekend.

A couple of years ago I had a Schlafly Summer and hated it. I wrote that it tasted like a rusted chain link fence. I've bad mouthed it ever since (in the interest of complete clarity, I think I told one person not to ever buy it). I've since revisited the beer at the urging of Briggs, the Schlafly guy, and several other people. I must have had one off of dirty lines when I had it, because it tasted like neither rust nor chain link fence. It tasted exquisite and light, thirst quenching and cooling. You're going to want to drink it this weekend while the kids are playing in the sprinklers or you're cooped up in your house sucking down air conditioning (by sucking down, I just mean sitting in your air conditioned house). It may even be a good beer to drink after the Craft Beer Fest at the Foundry (actually in the parking lot in front of The Foundry). You're going to want to keep hydrated after drinking so many great beers and you're not going to drink water (actually 9 out of 10 doctors say you should drink water while drinking alcohol on a hot day), you should drink a good thirst quenching beer. That beer is Schafly Summer Lager.

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