We Want Our $2

I'm trying to expand my social life to actually being out on the town past 6 p.m. In trying to achieve this goal Stella and I made our way over to the Flying Saucer to try the tap nite beer, New Holland's Black Tulip Trippel. We were able to secure one of my favorite booths by the windows overlooking the street. It's a great people watching spot.

I ordered the Black Tulip Trippel and Stella got the Fire Sale beer, a Schlafly Summer Lager. The Black Tulip was really quite great. It had a weird, but good sweetness, which the description says is like pop rocks. While that may not sound that great it was. It was a great beer to sip while watching the people head to the concert over in the Live section of the P&L.

As we were sitting there discussing LeBron dismantling Orlando (really this just involved me talking about LeBron as Stella was Ebaying on her iPod) a bunch of KCMO bike cops congregated right outside our window. Then a regular KCMO police patrol car pulled up and that policeman got out of the car to BS with the bike cops. I told Stella that I would hate to be as gray as that cop was and look as young as he did. His hair was about half gray and the other half was obviously graying yet he couldn't have been more than 40. As the cops were having a gay old time a Chevy Suburban with a Missouri Fraternal Order of Police logo on its doors pulled up and parked right in front of the valet stand (in a No Parking zone) and right at the entrance to the Live district and 6 people dressed to party piled out. They gave officer gray a friendly wave and went in to the party. The Suburban was parked there for the rest of our time at the Saucer. I guess it's better to let the populace of KC see that the rules don't apply to KC cops than spend $2 to park in the garage which is only slightly less convenient. I really enjoyed watching the KCPD flaunt the law. Good job Officer gray driving the 422 car, bicycle cops and FOP guy with license plate FOP-1, we appreciate the work you're doing for us, glad you could save yourself $2.

Anyway, after I finished my Black Tulip I ordered the Schlafly Summer Lager. When I took my first drink, I winced, it was really bad. It kind of tasted like a Miller Lite with some rusted chain link fence soaking in it. I don't think that is the taste they were shooting for.

We were quite surprised at how full the Saucer was on a Thursday night. I don't think there were more than 2 or 3 open tables by the time we left.

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