Bull on the Radio - Again

To introduce Craft Beer Week next week, I've been asked to be on Central Standard Thursday morning at 10. I will be the first guest and will be on from 10-10:30. So if you're really wanting to torture yourself, listen in and try to stay awake as I prattle on for 30 minutes about beer.

As part of the segment I will be choosing 5 beers that could serve as an introduction to craft beer for Bud, Miller and Coors drinkers. If you'd like to chime in on what beers you'd like to hear about or predict which beers I'm going to present, leave a comment. Since I haven't figured out the 5 beers yet (because they first booked me for next Thursday), your comment could influence the segment. Also, if you know of any events around town next week for craft beer week leave a comment.

The show is on taxpayer subsidized radio KCUR 89.3. I'll have the links to the podcast version of the show after they're posted.

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