All Star Pizza, the beer geek bar of the Northland, started their Beer:30 promotion yesterday. What is Beer:30? It's a challenge to drink all 30 beers on tap at All Star Pizza in the month of May. As part of your tour, you'll drink 9 beers from Stone, Bud Light, Miller Lite and various other great beers. The toughest 2 to drink will be the Bud Light and Miller Lite, but you can always use those to cleanse your palate after polishing off a pizza pie.

The Beer:30 promotion doesn't have a daily limit of beers, but does have Pass the Pig rules. In Pass the Pigs, your turn lasts until you decide to stop, but you're gambling all your points that you won't roll a pig-out and lose your points for the round. Beer:30, with each beer, you're gambling that you won't act like an ass which will make you lose all the beers you gained for the day.

All the progress is tracked on the big chalkboard so you can see where you stack up. There is no prize for speed or extra credit available, just drink 30 and get a t-shirt. I'd certainly rather do that than try to do the Cinco de Mayo tour at Old Chicago.

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