Weissbeer Poorbeer

Schlafly has commissioned a team to come up with a beer that meets exactly the flavor profile that suits my needs*. They've emailed, read every post ever on this blog and even kidnapped me for 6 days for an extensive taste test. The beer they came up with is the Schlafly Bavarian Style Weissbeer (since they actually kidnapped me, they had to give it a German name).
Our Bavarian-style Weissbier is an authentic German-style unfiltered wheat beer, full of clove and banana characters. The unfiltered beer results in haziness, leaving the yeast and grain protein to provide extra mouth feel. While not a hoppy beer, the German Tettnang and Hallertau Tradition hops provide a minimum level of bitterness. The unique Bavarian ale yeast strain gives clove and banana flavors in the final beer.

Weissbier means “white beer” in German. Before the development of lighter colored malts, Germans produced beers from wheat, darker in color and not categorized as wheat beers. In 1516, German Purity Laws went into effect, making barley the only acceptable malt in the brewing of beer. This should have ended the production of Weissbiers. Luckily, German nobility allowed brewers to continue brewing Weissbiers in exchange for large bribes. Weissbier has grown in popularity since World War II, and sales now rival those of Bavarian lager brews.
I've been told this should end up being similar to my beloved Sybil Stone, or No. 15. I'd rather have No. 15 but, in a pinch, this Weissbeer might do. I'm interested to try it.

It should be available nearly everywhere in town in sixers. But, for now, it's only at Gomer's Midtown and Lee's Summit. It's only a seasonal but should be available all summer long.

*Consideration of my taste buds had absolutely nothing to do with the creation of this beer.

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