Tuesday, December 21, 2010

So Long 15

You ever see "The Family Stone"? Stella and I watch it every Christmas season and is one of our favorites. It has some obvious flaws like Dermot Mulroney, but Luke Wilson is great and more than makes up for Mulroney. If you haven't seen it, it's the basic family home for Christmas with a new, controversial girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) movie, only this family is the politically correct family ever (does the one son really have to be gay, deaf and married to a black guy, if you needed someone to be deaf, you could have chosen Mulroney). The twist and heart of the movie, though, is the matriarch of the family, Diane Keaton, is "sick", presumably from cancer which she has survived before.

Diane Keaton is wonderful in the movie, she's not a one note sticky sweet movie mom. She has complexity, she doesn't like Sarah Jessica Parker and seems a little too concerned with her daughter's (Rachel McAdams) cherry breaker. They don't overdo her illness and she only brings it up to one child (Mulroney absolutely murders the scene). It's just a real subtle role and you really care for her in the end when they unwrap the present that Sarah Jessica Parker bought for everyone in the family, a stunning picture of a pregnant Diane Keaton sitting in front of a sunny window. It's just a great movie moment. The movie closes with the next Christmas and the family decorating the tree without Keaton but with that picture hanging on the wall by the Christmas tree.

Maybe I'm a sap, but I was drinking the last Schlafly No. 15 in my possession. I'm not sure if there are any more out in stores or not, but, even if there are, they're not going to last until next Christmas. Schlafly is killing the beer, scratch that, they've killed the beer. It's out of production now. What's in stores now is all that's going to be available. I'm going to miss it. I love that beer, that beer is Sybil Stone to me.

Schlafly No. 15 I'm going to miss you.


  1. Did they ever say why they were killing it? It really is a good beer...it was a go-to for me during the summer

  2. They had it at Bottleworks last week, which I assume means the made it there somewhat recently. Maybe they'll keep it as a pub only offering?

    In either case it is probably there now so ROAD TRIP

  3. I have rarely encountered a blog that is so right so often. Why Schlafly can't compromise and relegate #15 to seasonal status instead of killing it is beyond me. I know the decision was made months ago, but I think they're still pissed that the Chiefs won YET ANOTHER Governor's Cup and took it out on us this way.

    I bought some other beers at Gomer's up in the Parkville last night and they still have some. Not sure how much. I have now purchased 3 six's already in the last couple of weeks and drink it as slowly as possible...

  4. I was at Lukas MO last Friday and they had a few sixers of it, plus had some in the build-your-own case as well. I'd say they had at least 4, if not 6, sixers available.

  5. Briggs told me that sales haven't been good enough to keep it around - and that was due primarily to the ambiguous packaging - "No. 15 Ale"...what the hell is it? It's fucking delicious, is what it is.

    This is pretty much the exact same story for Lunar Ale - WTF is it???

    Coincidentally, those beers are both classified on BA as "American Dark Wheat Ale"

  6. If the beer is good the name doesn't need to be descriptive. What is a Pliny the Elder? Everyone in Denver, Philly or the WC who likes beer knows because someone loved it enough to tell everyone.

    15 has a very small cult following in KC but I have never seen any evidence (and apparently neither as Schlafly) that it has any wide following.

  7. John and LC are right No. 15 is not a big seller. It has champions in KC in me and Paul A. Ner and you, but Schlafly sells 90% of their beer in St. Louis. Our little blip in KC just doesn't measure up.

    This is why I made such a big deal about Lagunitas. It's not in every store in town like it should be. It's important to get the word out about your favorite beers because if you don't, it's possible they will go away. I don't think Lagunitas was going to abandon the KC market, but the distributor wasn't selling enough of it to push it.

  8. dermot is pretty bad... poor DM... i mean, he's not THAT bad, is he?? ahhh he is, he is