Big John

Big John is here, no, not John Mayberry, he's been here all along, but Goose Island's newest big boy stout, Big John. For those unfamiliar, Big John is an 11.5% ABV stout loaded up with roasted malt and cacao nibs and is darker than a Tyler Perry movie premiere. The good thing is, demand shouldn't be too high because of all the beer geeks boycotting Goose Island because of their sale to ABInBev.

This release appears to only be on the Kansas side right now, with Rimann Liquors Lenexa the first to call it out, but Tipsy's also has it. Give your favorite store a call to find out if they have it yet. This is a pretty limited release so it should only be in the bigger Kansas side stores like Tipsy's, Lukas, Gomer's and Rimann. Let everyone know in comments where you find it and at what price.

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