KBS Today

Beer geeks rejoice, those who don't care much for whiskey barrel aged beers can go about their business. Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout (KBS), Breakfast Stout aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels is in Missouri side stores today (Update: by Missouri side stores, I mean St. Louis, it should be in KC later this week Update 2: It's here, Royal on State Line has it). This is going to be a very expensive day today for the serious beer drinker. Since KBS is more than 46% aged in whiskey barrels I will skip it, but y'all can go and have your fun.

Again, help out your fellow beer travelers by calling out in comments, my Twitter feed (@bullevard) or the KC Beer Blog Facebook page, where you're finding it, buying limits and how much it costs. Founders is only sold on the Missouri side of the line.

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