Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chocolate Snafu

It appears based on a comment from yesterday's post and the note on Beer Kitchen's Facebook page today, that last night's Chocolate Ale tapping didn't go off without a hitch, though they did sell through a keg in 5 minutes.
For everyone that was unable to try the Chocolate Ale yesterday I understand there was a bit of frustration. However, we have 3 more kegs that we will be tapping the next 3 consecutive days. To make things fair, starting at 5pm we will hand out tickets to the first 65 people each day. When we tap the keg @ 6pm those 65 people will be guaranteed a snifter of the Chocolate nectar that they may purchase at that point. We are trying to expose as many people as possible to this ever elusive beer.
As an interested observer, I'd like to see that ticket time start at 5:30 instead of 5:00. 5:00 seems like they're trying to get you to spend a full hour in the bar, not that I would blame them, and is a little more difficult for 9-5ers to get there. But, it's the Beer Kitchen's world this week, we're just living in it.


  1. It's really amazing how "coo coo for cocoa ale" KC has gone. I hope all these cocoa heads stay away from the impy stout and saison-brett releases. I'm saving my pennies and hoping to stock up on those.

  2. Can this choco-saga get any weirder? I've never experienced anything like this involving beer in KC and I've been drinking for several decades. It's cool in a sense that such a buzz could be generated...but that very buzz turns to a headache once you drive like a maniac to find that one last spot has just sold out of their allotment.

  3. Wow. All of this for a mediocre (at best) chocolate ale. This whole situation is getting a bit Charlie Sheen...

  4. I agree. First off, the alcohol content was way too high for such a delicate ale. The chocolate scent came through well enough and the initial flavor was decent, but the aftertaste was pure booze. The beer would have been more successful had it either been aged a bit longer, or released at 7% ABV rather than 9.1% ABV. I'm glad I got my bottles early before retailers raised the price. Spending $9.99 on such mediocrity was upsetting enough. I would have been severely depressed had I spent even $1 more. I will most likely not be purchasing it next year.