Grand Cru to the Moon

They say that we never would have made it to space without a computer that could multiply by pi taken out to 8 digits. A foreign Belgian dark ale like Rochefort Trappistes 8 is like a moon mission of flavor. Great Divide Grand Cru's version is more like when we were multiplying by 3.14 in grade school (in KCMO high school). Grand Cru stacks up to Rochefort like Homer Hickam's rockets to Apollo 11.

But that doesn't meant that Homer Hickam's exploits weren't spectactular, they were. Great Divide's Grand Cru is spectactular, I completely adored the 2 and 1/2 hours I spent sipping on my bottle. It wasn't quite as spectacular as a Chimay, it was just a little more rounded off. The flavors weren't as sharp. The traditional dark fruit and sweetness is in Grand Cru with a nice little alcohol burn, they just weren't as in your face and prevalent as they typically are in this style. Great Divide is using 3.14 and getting really close to the right answer. And for me, pretty close, at $7/22 oz. and pretty readily available, is good enough for me. I'm going to get a couple of more before they're gone as Grand Cru is a seasonal and will be gone soon.

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